Tekno And Lola Rae Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

Published: 2017.08.14 09:36 by Admin

“Singers Tekno and Lola Rae are in love” this we know, and this we want to keep believing even though fingers are pointing in the direction of trouble or chaos in paradise! While we do not want to dwell on these clues, it would be foolish not to consider the possibility of a break up considering the rate relationships fall apart in Nigeria these days.

Tekno and his half Nigerian, half British Queen have been giving ‘Bae’ goals since the news got out that they were dating.

From little clues like sharing photos of parts of the other’s body, to sharing gull loved up photos, we got the drift that love was growing between them. Until we got the shocking revelation today that the couple just took the first step in the direction of a break up, that is, unfollowing each other on IG.

If we want to look at this optimistically, we would simply say that the couple are only giving each other the necessary space on the social media or doing what pleases them. But it seems Nigerians lost their optimism long ago, all we see is break up! Still, we wish them the best, whatever their reasons for the action are.




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