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A'Vulva Highlighter' For Your Vagina Hits The Market -Do You Need One?

Want to impress your gynecologist? What about a boyfriend? If all signs point to yes, the ‘Vulva Highlighter’ is here to help! The product is available now and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t curious.…

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The coolest 2017 lipstick trends

Has more perfumes and lipsticks than sense. This year, lipstick is going all-out. It's no longer just about sticking to one shade, tone or texture. Take a look at the coolest new ways to wear your pout...…

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Six new beauty products you can buy now

Feel like adding something new to your beauty arsenal? Whilst January has been a bit of a dud month for many reasons, the wealth of excellent new beauty launches is one plus point not to be ignored. From…

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Skip the injections and get these plumping lip Mask

* Collagen lip masks plump your lips in 20 minutes * Like a facial sheet mask for your mouth * Tones, moisturizers and evens out fine lines Do you long for a set of luscious lips like Georgia May Jagger?…

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Skin saviour: cinnamon and honey face mask

Enjoy the anti-bacterial properties of honey, and the complexion enhancing benefits of cinnamon with this simple face mask - perfect for the festive party season... cinnamon and honey face mask This cinnamon…

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Best Make-up Trends For 2017

The hype of prominent face contouring to make the features stand out has finally come to its end. Some really fascinating new trends have come up with different techniques and products to enhance the…

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The Ultimate Matte Makeup Tutorial

With highlighting taking center stage for the moment, it’s time we bring back a classic look that’s been in hiding — matte makeup. The way we see it, any opportunity to make our skin look and feel virtually…

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Unexpected Ways to Sparkle During the Holidays

The holidays are your time to shine—and with twinkly lights and gold stars on just about everything this time of year, there’s no shortage of glittery things to inspire you. But when it comes to your…

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50 Best Christmas Party Dresses

COCKTAIL MIXES: Stymied by an invitation? Spin through cocktail hour in a haze of luscious velvet, dazzling sequin dresses and sensuous silks, and you can’t go far wrong. Glittering crystals, whimsical…

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