New Erection Treatment Will Shock You

Published: 2016.07.28 11:57 by Admin

Is this the new Viagra? New erection treatment REALLY will shock you

THIS is the first erection-booster to rival Viagra in the past 15 years.
ZAPPED: The bizarre treatment involves sending shock waves to your penis

If you’re sick and tired of popping a pill and having to plan out your sex life then a game-changing new treatment could fix your bedroom blues.

Instead of turning to Viagra to get you hard you can jolt your penis back into action by zapping it with shock waves.

The great news is it’s a long term solution to schlong problems and allows men to have natural, spontaneous erections.

Until now, lads have had to wait around for up to an hour after gobbling the little blue pill before they can expect to see results downstairs.

***The treatment, known as extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), could be the miracle cure for erectile dysfunction (ED) which actually affects 40% of men over 40 in the UK.

A top urologist who uses a form of ESWT called ED1000 Therapy in his practice at Spire Manchester Hospital gave us the low-down on the todger procedure.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Vijay Sangar, M.D. explained how it works.

He said: “It uses shockwaves to produce chemical signals in the penis which can help new blood vessels form.

“This can rectify the reduced blood flow caused by disease such as that similar to coronary artery disease. In fact this technology has been used in patients with heart disease.

“It involves having 1,500 shocks to the penis each session, but they are low-intensity.

“Men require two sessions per week for three weeks. There is then a three week break before another three weeks of treatment is given.

“So that’s a total of 12 treatments. The effects can take up to eight weeks to Sending a shock to your shaft may sound painful but the medic assures lads it’s not.

Vijay said: “It’s not painful and there are minimal side effects. Some men experience discomfort in the base of the penis for two weeks but this resolves.

“Also men can get very small red dots on the penis, but I have never seen this. There are also reports of some men getting blood in the urine but this can sometimes signify other problems are present which are not related to the treatment or ED.”

ESWT tends to be successful for 70% of men with ED and can boost their erections for up to two years.

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So is it better than Viagra?

“The treatment is more expensive than Viagra”
Vijay Sangar, M.D.

Vijay said: “Viagra treats the symptom whilst ED1000 treats the cause.

“But the treatment is more expensive than Viagra.

"Costs vary across the country but usually are between £2,000 and £4,000.”

Further research into ESWT’s effectiveness has shown some promising results, according to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Urology.

The study involved 112 men, aged 37 to 80, who all had penis problems to the degree that they couldn’t have sex with or without medication.

After five weeks of treatment 57% of lads could get natural erections and have sex again.

Vijay added: “For men who take tablets like Viagra but haven’t found them effective then ED1000 will improve this in up to 70% of men.

"Up to one in five can have such an improvement that they can come off medication




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What is ESWT?

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